Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

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Gen Queries

A. Contacts details of various offices are as given under:-
  • (a) Offrs Record Office.
  • Veteran Call Centre / Helpdesk -   011-26747700 (Landline)
    Email Id - Offr.record@gov.in
    Website - www.rodra.gov.in
    +91-8368051743 (Whatsapp only)
  • Col MP 5 -   +91-7683004983
  • Serving Offrs rxn -   +91-7082120960
  • (b) Pay &Pension Agencies.
  • OIC DPCC (Prayagraj) - +91-7393073973
    0532-2423486 (Landline)
    Email ID- liaison1986@gov.in
  • OIC APACC (Pune) - +91-9309781033
    020-29970971 (Landline)
    Email ID – ramkc.56566@gov.in
    020-26401142 (Landline)
    PRO-020-26401111, 26401333 & 26401353
  • PCDA (O) Pune - +91-8130591689
A. For issue of new Service Particulars Book(SPB), offr/spouse is requested to send an application along with old SPB (if lost, a copy of FIR required) and two joint passport size photographs (in civil dress) duly attested on reverse of the photo. There is no provision to issue SPB to dependents.
Ans. Correspondence address can be changed through an application. However, for change of permanent address, offr/NOK has to submit an application along with copy of Aadhaar card updated with new address and copy of electricity bill/property deed/property tax clearly mentioning name of owner and address.
Ans. No. However, it can be recorded as temporary address for correspondence.
Ans. There is a difference between affidavit and certificate. Affidavit is affirmation given by the claimant/applicant before an authority i.e Executive Magistrate/First Class Magistrate/Tehsildar and the same will be confirmed by the authority. Whereas a certificate issued by the authority has a different connotation i.e through which he (Authority) takes whole responsibility of the facts mentioned in the certificate. Hence it is mandatory to submit certificate wherever the requirement of certificate is mentioned.
Ans. Xerox copy/scanned copy of an affidavit/ certificate is not accepted by PCDA (P) Allahabad. Hence original Ink Signed copy of an affidavit/certificate is required wherever applicable.
Ans. Following documents are mandatory for making entry of marriage/divorce/second marriage: -
(a) Certified True Copy (CTC) of marriage certificate issued by registrar of marriage. It should be CTC only instead of attested as CTC as attestation has different connotation.
(b) Copy of Aadhar and PAN of wife.
(c) Details of previous husband (if lady is previously married) such as divorce order and decree of divorce issued by Honourable Court (certified copy from Registrar of Court) or death cert of husband.
(d) An affidavit in original duly notarized with regard to previous marital status including details of previous husband and children born out of wedlock. (e) In case of divorce after retirement a copy of decree of divorce in oroginal attested copy of order by court Registrar.
Ans. Children should be declared dependent while any one of offr or spouse is alive, then only the children can be declared as dependent subject to meeting other criteria for dependency.
Ans. Following documents are required for declaring dependency of children: -
(a) Unmarried certificate issued by Revenue Authority duly countersigned by ZSB.
(b) Unemployed certificate issued by Revenue Authority duly countersigned by ZSB.
(c) Income certificate issued by Tehsildar and above of Revenue Authority.
(d) An affidavit regarding dependency/Part II order.
Ans. Following documents are required for declaring dependency of parents of offr:-
(a) Income certificate issued by Tehsildar and above of revenue authority.
(b) An affidavit regarding dependency/Part-II Order.

RODRA Website

A. To register the website follow the step by step instructions made available on the website itself (www.rodra.gov.in).
A. The offrs of IA (less TA, NCC) can register on the website.
Ans. Officer/NOK must know date of commission, date of birth, date of release/retirement/dismissal/death, mobile No (to obtain OTP) and email ID.
Ans. Please send whatsapp message at mobile No 8368051743 or contact at 011-26757700 or email the grievance on email ID (offr.record@gov.in).
Ans. The website facilitates the veteran offrs and their NOK/dependents to address their grievances/queries promptly for speedy action by AG/MP5(b) and concerned agencies. It also provides them a tool to update their data with AG/MP 5(b), the link for various websites, to download ePPOs, forms with check list of docu (subject wise) and also the contact details of PCDA (O) Pune, PCDA (P) Allahabad and MP 5.
A. Only those documents which are required in original for onward submission to PCDA (P) Allahabad and other other agencies will require to be sent by post also.
Ans. The pensioners may contact PCDA (P) Allahabad regarding ePPO. If, the same is printed, get the ePPO No, check its availability on RODRA website and download for future reference. If the ePPO is not generated, fill up the 7th CPC revision form available in dropdown list of LPC-cum-Data Sheet on RODRA website, and forward alongwith copy of initial PPO, latest PPO, disability pension PPO (if any), PAN & Aadhar (self & spouse, only alive members), copy of cheque (pension account) to MP5B of AGs Branch of IHQ of MOD (Army). If facing any difficulties in filling up the form, the said documents can be emailed to OIC APACC c/o PCDA (O) Pune at email ID ramkc.56656@gov.in.
Ans. On receipt of docu, APACC c/o PCDA (O) Pune downloads the documents, hand over to PCDA (O) Pune under covering note and PCDA (O) Pune issues eLPC to PCDA (P) and the ePPO is issued by PCDA (P) Allahabad. The ePPO is uploaded by AG/MP 5 (b) on RODRA website on receipt of email from OIC DPCC. The complete process normally involves 08-10 weeks of time.
Ans. Submit an online grievance on AGRIM (Grievance module of RODRA) or send email to offr.record@gov.in with a copy to PCDA (P) Allahabad website on their website (www.pcdapension.nic.in).
Ans. ePPO are digitally signed and digitally transmitted to all agencies, hence hard copy has been done away by PCDA (P) Allahabad. Pensioner may download the same from RODRA website and preserve a copy for future reference, if desirous.


Ans. All the colns need to be thoroughly checked for correctness, in case of any corrections, lodge grievances with supporting documents to AG/MP 5 (b) with a copy to PCDA (P) Allahabad for speedy action.
Ans. Full DOB of spouse must be notified in PPO to claim benefits of additional pension on attaining the age of 80 years by the family pensioner. To get it notified, the pensioner must send the LPC (form available in download link of RODRA website) duly completed in all respects alongwith Aadhar & PAN of self & spouse to AG/MP 5 (b) through email (offr.record@gov.in) or by post.
Ans. Normally 3-4 months.
A. Ans. Yes, to avoid any problem to NOK after the demise of both the pensioners, the LTA form must be submitted by pensioner duly signed by the bank (PDA) to PCDA (P) Allahabad or upload the same on Sparsh Portal, if migrated to Sparsh.
A. The rates of various pensions are:-
  • Service Pension - 50% of last pay drawn
  • War Injury Element - 60% of last pay drawn for 100% disablement, for lower %age rates are proportionately reduced.
  • Disability Element - 30% of last pay drawn for 100% disablement, for lower %age rates are proportionately reduced.
  • Ordinary Family Pension - 30% of last pay drawn by the offr.
  • Dependent Family Pension- Equal to OFP.
  • Enhanced OFP - 50% of last pay drawn by offr.
  • Death in service - 10 yrs from the date of death of offr providedoffr had rendered min seven yrs of commissionedservice.
  • Death after retirement - 07 yrs from date of death of pensioner or 67 yrs of age whicheveris earlier.
  • Special Family Pension - 60 % of last pay drawn by offr
  • Special Dependent Family Pension - 30% of Special Family Pension i.e equal to OFP
  • Liberalised Family Pension- 100% of last pay drawn by the offr
  • Dependent Liberalised Family Pension - 60% of last pay drawn by offr for single parent and 75% of last pay drawn if both parents alive
Ans. ₹ 6,750/- per month as per 7th CPC.
Ans. Offr must have 100% disability attributable or aggravated by mil service and the same must be recommended by the medical board in Release Medical Board.
Ans. Yes, such an offr is entitled only Disability Element of Disability Pension wef 01 Jan 2006 provided the disability is 20% or above and has been accepted as attributable or aggravated by competent authority.
Ans. Yes, provided the disability is 20% or above and has been accepted as attributable or aggravated by competent authority.
Ans. AG/PS-4(Pension & Legal) issues the Govt sanction to implement the Court Order which is sent to PCDA (P) Allahabad to issue PPO. The complete process takes about 4-5 months.
Ans. Yes, provided the offr has rendered min pensionable service and the appeal is accepted by the competent authority. Officer or spouse needs to submit the mercy appeal with details of moveable/immovable property with liabilities on an affidavit to AG/MP 5 (b).
A. Gallantry Award Monetary Allowance (Rs. Per month)
  • PVSM -20,000
  • Ashok Chakra -12000
  • MahaVir Chakra -10000
  • Kirti Chakra -9000
  • Vir Chakra -7000
  • Saurya Chakra -6000
  • Sena Medal -2000
Ans. Yes, she is entitled till the time not re-married.
Ans. No.
Ans. The offr or spouse must approach AG/MP-5(b) with a copy of gazette notification, pension acct cancelled cheque and copy of Aadhar and PAN of self and spouse. Case is processed to PCDA (O) Pune to issue LPC-cum-Data Sheet and the award is notified in PPO by PCDA (P) Allahabad.
Ans. All gazettes are available on Govt of India website (www.egazzette.nic.in).The same can be downloaded from the website.
Ans. Net income from all sources has to be less than ₹9,000/- per month excluding DAs.
A. Yes, if the widow has not child.
A. Rs 9000/- per month.
Ans. Yes, depends upon the financial status of NOK and parents.
Ans. No.
A. Yes

AGI Extended Insurance (EI) Scheme

A. Rs 15.00 lakhs.
A. The NOK needs to submit an application to AGIF alongwith EI certificate issued by AGIF at the time of offr’s retirement, death certificate of the offr and a copy cancelled cheque.
A. It is 30 years from the date of retirement or 80 years of age whichever is earlier.

Documentation after Retirement

A. The list of docu is provided in download link of this website. Complete the docu and submit with supporting docu to AG/MP 5(b).
A. Normally 3-4 months.
A. Please send any legal valid address proof, such as electricity bill, passport, Aadharcards etc to AG/MP 5(b).
A. No. However, it can be recorded as temporary address for correspondence.
A. Please send an application to AG/MP5(b) on a plain paper.
A. Please lodge an FIR with the nearest police station and send the appln with two joint passport size photographs (if spouse alive) with copy of FIR to AG/MP 5 (b).
A. The SPB is prepared based on the data recorded in Record of Service held with AG/MP-5(b). To get the left out details updated, submit the SPB with spdocu to carry out amendment in Record of Service and to issue fresh SPB.
A. The address is as given under
Addl Dte Gen of Manpower (Policy & Planning)/MP-5(b)
IHQ of MoD (Army)/AG’s Branch
West Block –III, Ground Floor, RK Puram
New Delhi - 110066
A. Yes. To record the name of spouse in ROS, please send requisite docu as per list made available in download link of RODRA website.
A. Please send requisite docu as per list made available in down link of RODRA website.

Actions on Demise of Pensioner/Family Pensioner

A. The revised advisory `Actions by NOK on demise of pensioner’ has ben uploaded in download link of website. Please refer the advisory and take necessary action per the instructions contained in the advisory.
A. Please send a copy of death certificate of spouse to AG/MP5(b) to update record of service and to intimate PCDA (P) Allahabad to update their record.

Indian Army Veteran Card (IAVC)

A. IAVC is issued by AG/MP 5 to regular IA officers and SSCOs who are in receipt of any kind of pensionary benefits from PCDA (P) Allahabad.
A. No.
A. It is issued by Zila Sainik Welfare Officer.
A. Yes, by Zila Sainik Welfare Officer.

Army Officers Benevolent Fund (AOBF)

A. The AOBF stands closed wef 01 Jan 2018, presently refund is in progress for 2006 batch commissioned officers. To claim the subscribed amount, please send a cancelled cheque with personal details to Col CW Accts, Room No 281B, 2nd Floor, South Block, New Delhi-110011.
A. Its 75% of the total subscribed amount.

Welfare Schemes of KSB

Ans. Rail consession cards are issued to dependant of Battle Casualty by the Cnetral Railway through Kendriya Sainik Board.
Ans. KSB extends the fwg schemes or benefits to ESMs & their wards (offrs and all rks) :- (a) Financial assistance to orphan children. (b) Financial assistance for treatment of serious diseases to Non Pensioner ESM not member of any health scheme. (c) Financial assistance for procuring mobility equipment for disabled ESM after retirement.
A. The claimant must approach KSB through the nearest ZilaSainik Welfare Officer. The list alongwith contact details of ZSWOs is available with `Advisory on actions to be taken by spouse on demise of pensioner’ which is available in download link of website.
A. Yes, there is a quota of 5% in all Universities controlled by Central Govt. However, there is embargo to extend the reservation in State Universities which directly controlled by the particular State.

Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS)

A. All pensioners and non-pensioner SSCOs & ECOs (Only self & spouse), dependent unemployed & unmarried/divorced/widowed daughter, handicapped child, son (upto the age of age of 25 yrs) and dependent parents.
A. The income from all sources should not exceed Rs 9000/- per month excluding DA. The income certificate issued by district revenue authority or tehsildar is required to be submitted to AG/MP 5 (b) to endorse dependency status in ROS of officer.
A. To submit ECHS application, the beneficiary is required to register on the ECHS website (www.echs.gov.in) and to fill up the application form online.
A. The verification of online ECHS application is carried out by AG/MP 5(b) in the case of regular IA offrs and ECOs/SSCOs (less AMC, MNS, ADC, TA, NCC).
A.Its verified by DGMS/MPRS (O), A Block, Room No 334, Def Office Complex, KG Marg, New Delhi 110001.
A. The offr / NOK is required to access the ECHS website with the user ID (mobile No) and password. Examine the observation raised by AG/MP5(b) and carry out the amendments, if any and re-`submit it for verification by AG/MP 5 (b).
A. Generally five working days..
A. Due to backlog with ECHS Regional Centre due to covid, ECHS Dte normally takes 6-7 months in printing of cards from the date of verification of application.
A.Offr / NOK needs to submit online request to revert application when the cards have not been printed. The request will be approved by AG/MP 5(b) and the offr/NOK will be able to carry out amendments in the application.
A. To reset ECHS password, Offr/NOK is required to follow the procedure for forgot password option available onlineon ECHS website which can be reset by either providing the security questions or entering the OTP through registered email. If still not able to reset the password, the offr / NOK is required to approachthe Regional Centre ECHS.
A.No. The responsibility of AG/MP 5(b) is only to verify ECHS application online. Printing of cards is the sole responsibility of the Central Org ECHS. Individual should contact their nearest polyclinic in case of any issue.
A. Offr / NOK are required to report to Station HQ on receipt of SMS OTP which is sent to the Offr / NOK on his registered mobile No.
A. White card is the priority card issued to War Disabled/BC Veterans and their spouse and PWD disabled dependants with disability as per PWD Act 2016.
A. Yes, they are issued with white card endorsed with War Disabled.